Alignment Coaching for Conscious Entrepreneurs

Free yourself for what you really want to create!

In line with my own guiding principles of creating an ideal life, I support you in a highly individual process of transformation to more freedom and success in harmony with your essence.

I firmly believe that if you live free from dissonance at your highest frequency, you will create your desired success in all areas of life. For this, an effective alignment of your life situation with your true, deep core is of the greatest importance.


This work is of course part of my own essence, which I was able to realize in my own life I can now make available to you through alignment coaching. Accompanying you on your unique journey to more freedom, self-determination and abundance is an expression of deep gratitude and abundance that will benefit our cooperation at all times.


"Your life and your business is the unfiltered reflection of your decisions and priorities. If you manage to bring your deepest essence into harmony with your thoughts and actions, you can create your dream life"


David Sichert


You have already built your own business. Are you able to use your full energy as an entrepreneur? Do you really feel fulfillment and joy in what you are doing?

Perhaps you do not feel able to show your full gifts despite your professional freedom. You have certainly already received a lot of valuable business input in seminars and from books. Most probably you are already working on your personal development and your success mindset.

After all of the well-intentioned tips, the doubtful question often remains: Do these solutions really suit me as an individual with all my particularities, experiences, values, wishes and visions? How can all these strategies, concepts and techniques be reconciled with my desire for a self-determined, free life?

How much alignment do you want to create?

In our collaboration we create the space for all your topics that have so far prevented you from really acting freely. We go through all relevant areas of life in order to achieve the most holistic consideration possible of your needs, goals and wishes. The focus is on the optimal correspondence of these areas with your unique core as a composition of everything that you really are.

If you can answer yes to the following questions with a "yes", alignment coaching could be just right for you:

Are you already working on your personal development in connection with your business?

Are you convinced that you are in control of your personal and professional success?

Do you feel blocked and unable to use your full energy?

Do you think you could make more of your potential?

Do you dream of setting yourself free and creating your life exactly as it suits you and your needs?

Learn to Unlearn

Your pure energy arises from your true essence. If used correctly, it can energize your life and your business. However, it is mostly overlaid by years of following things that may have been well intended but not suitable to you and your circumstances. Your current life situation is the unadorned proof of this. I am sure that you already have a lot of abundance in your life and it is very important to acknowledge this with a lot of gratitude.

Unused, stunted or diverted energy often manifests itself in dissatisfaction, illness, frustration, resentment or anger. The internet is full of fast, all-inclusive solutions for optimizing both business and mindset. However, deep down you know that the real answer lies within you, locked behind behaviour patterns and mindsets that are not serving you. You know exactly how you want to work and live. All you have to do is look for the key to finally open all locks.

High frequency, high energy

My Alignment Coaching aims to help you to get to know your deep essence better and to use it to the full. It is my vision that as many entrepreneurs as possible really do what they feel completely fulfilled and thus create the greatest possible and lasting positive impact. I want to assist you to spend increasingly more time at your highest frequency. I am sure you know the feeling and know exactly, then you are simply brilliant and unbeatably good and everything flows in the right direction.

My Journey to Alignment

My private and professional journey is shaped by change and the search for my essence, for what I really want. What is characteristic of me in professional terms are the numerous, often parallel, activities in many different professional fields, whether employed or self-employed, in different parts of the world. Today, I accompany start-ups and entrepreneurs as an advisor, enabler and partner.


My personal development has been marked by exciting twists and turns with many special biographical circumstances regarding my cultural imprint and my identity development. Due to the sometimes very difficult phases in my life, I was able to learn a lot of valuable things for my work as a coach.


The eye for improvement and the desire to support people on their way to more fulfillment has been present since my youth, even if I did not call myself a coach for many years. I officially embarked on this path in 2016 and have since gained a lot of experience with hundreds of very different customers..


In doing so, I have increasingly freed myself from concepts and schools of thought and now use the various tools and approaches freely and intuitively in my sessions. I am convinced that I can only bring my full effectiveness to bear by really mentally energetically synchronizing with my counterpart.


Everything I offer in my coaching is based on real experience, and I have examined all of my methods in detail for their effectiveness. I have complete confidence in my abilities, experience and my strong intuition. In our sessions I only pass on what is in my full alignment at this moment and I am convinced that you will generate the greatest added value from my approach and our cooperation.

Master or Specialist?

For a better overview I have developed two coaching products: Alignment Master Coaching and Alignment Special Coaching.


I have standardized the Alignment Master Coaching with regard to the scope of time, the form of the coaching and the price. As far as the content and methods and the intensity are concerned, you get my unlimited knowledge and my full energy. It includes one 90 minute session per week. The duration is at least 4 weeks and can be extended monthly. You decide whether you want to speak to me by phone or video call.


Alternatively, I offer Alignment Special Coachings which can be designed very individually. These can be mini-retreats specially designed for you, face-to-face coaching at a specific location or support for a very specific situation.

Commit to yourself

I want to be transparent about the energy balance for my work so that you can decide whether you want to make the investment. The price of the Alignment Master Coaching for one session per week is € 1600 per month, the preliminary talk costs € 150, each plus VAT. Please note that this coaching is in-depth and takes time. You should therefore be prepared to commit yourself for a longer period of time in the event of a collaboration.

So that I can find out more about you and assess whether a productive cooperation is possible, I ask you to fill out my questionnaire. I will then notify you and, if necessary, arrange a preliminary meeting with you. After this conversation, we decide on the cooperation and agree when and how we start our journey together.

You are so special

The Alignment Special Coaching is specially designed for you and is based on your specific needs in terms of form, content and period. The price is calculated accordingly. I have also created a questionnaire for this offer, which should help you to describe your needs and your desired conditions.