David Sichert Consulting combines entrepreneurial growth with personal development and offers comprehensive services in the areas of coaching and consulting.

This is done either as a personal service by David Sichert or together with other cooperation partners.

His customers benefit from his enthusiasm for solutions and the ability to penetrate complex problems and open up spaces for concrete solutions. In mostly individual sessions, both the inner and outer processes of the participants are examined and development opportunities are created.


This multi-dimensional approach often enables breakthroughs and shortcuts in individual growth and professional development processes.

His offer is aimed at teams as well as at individuals. What is decisive is the basic willingness as a person or as a group to enter into a trusting connection and to want to grow holistically.

David Sichert Consulting





"Most of all, we at DSC are grateful for every process that we accompany, for the trust associated with the unique, holistic and collective growth experience."



As a former partner in a management consultancy, David decided to found David Sichert Consulting in 2016. Instead of putting this company on a growth path through recruitment, he decided to keep this private service exclusive, with a distinct personal touch as well as his high level of professionalism. 

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Many thanks to our trusted cooperation partners. These are some selected partnerships in coaching and consulting:


WIRE PEOPLE GmbH & Co. KG: “WIRE PEOPLE accompanies change processes and supports organizations to be and remain future-oriented and competitive. The driving force is the further development of people and the working environment.”


DCI - Digital Career Institute gGmbH: "The Digital Career Institute was born out of the idea of quickly integrating refugees into digital professions. Today it trains all those interested in digital to become capable specialists."


TheNeoHub - "We aim to provide a one stop shop for innovative entrepreneurs, with intentional interest in developing and propelling our stakeholders towards being sustainable key players who are locally made but globally recognized."


dotama GmbH: “Our tried-and-tested coaching and training formats cover a wide range of requirements for expanding personal skills and options for action. Both for you as a manager in management and for your employees.”


We would also like to thank all partners, customers and supporters who remain unnamed here for the trust and fruitful connection that creates added value.