David Sichert Consulting combines entrepreneurial growth with personal development towards more freedom and offers comprehensive services in the areas of coaching and consulting.

This is done either as a personal service by David Sichert or together with other cooperation partners.

His customers benefit from his enthusiasm for solutions and the ability to penetrate complex problems and open up spaces for concrete solutions. In mostly individual sessions, both the inner and outer processes of the participants are examined and development opportunities are created.


This multi-dimensional approach often enables breakthroughs and shortcuts in individual growth and professional development processes.

His offer is aimed at small teams as well as at individuals. What is decisive is the basic willingness as a person or as a group to enter into a trusting connection and to want to grow holistically.

David Sichert Consulting





"We support freedom-loving creators in bringing their relevant areas of life into a fruitful balance in order to holistically embody freedom and abundance."

About DSC

As a partner in a management consultancy, David decided to found this company in 2016. Since then, the focus of this boutique consulting firm has been a holistic view of everything that lies behind the many small and large personal and professional decisions.

David Sichert Consulting starts at this individual level, assuming that decisions contain the power to influence everything at any time. At the same time, through their effect, they form their own resonant space for further decisions. This creates space for David and his team to support the desired change.

The company embodies David's digital efficient lifestyle and thrives on his experience as a freedom enthusiast who combines his diverse interests and talents in a free manner.

As a result, DSC's services impress with a high level and a humorous personal touch, coupled with the efficient professionalism of his team and partner network.


+++ DSC NEws 11/2022 +++ tril ONly offer: freedom mentoring +++

Dare more freedom in all areas of life.

Trillant Partners are privileged to experience increasing financial freedom.

Local dependency, restrictive relationships, time-consuming everyday systems or the lack of space to implement your own projects often limit free self-development.

Take the first step towards new freedoms!


1:1 Freedom Mentoring - Compact

  • Recognize previously unused personal freedom and expand it
  • Learn how to manage yourself better and how to make the best decisions
  • Design your own free, authentic lifestyle with specific practical knowledge

The mentoring package includes:

  • Freedom Survey - Online Questionnaire
  • Check-In - video call, 30 min with David Sichert
  • Human Design Reading - 30 min audio by Henrike Lübke
  • Main session - video call, 90 min with David Sichert
  • Report - written summary with practical tips

Price: 399 TRIL

Appointments can be arranged individually, payable exclusively in TRIL, bookable until November 30th, 2022 at a preferential price, after that 599 TRIL.


Note: The Freedom Mentoring Compact Package is suitable both for a one-time impulse and as the beginning of more extensive mentoring.

+++ DSC news 10/2022 +++ Trillant partnership release +++

This means that from now on all services of David Sichert Consulting can be transacted conveniently and securely across borders with the cryptocurrency Trillon (TRIL).

More information can be found on the official Trillant website and you can also register for free.


FReedom & Business

Freedom-loving creators, entrepreneurs and life artists are invited to liberate all relevant areas of life, to bring them into a fruitful balance and to liberate and enrich them limeilessly.

DSC perceives free development as a process of deconditioning and an active opening to abundance in all areas of life.

In this context, business is a form of the creators' expression in which gifts and talents are united in accordance with their individual constitution to create real added value.

From our holistic perspective, it is about a free life plan in which business is one of many building blocks.

At David Sichert Consulting, the focus is always on the individuals with their unique constitution. A life of freedom can only unfold when their deep desires and needs are given the necessary space.


If you resonate with our service approach, please get in touch