Human Resource Development

Questions & Answers


What is HR Development at DSC?


In HR Development we support corporate customers as well as working groups in team and HR processes. We support you in the selection of personnel, the promotion of talent or in the compilation of project teams. We help you to make the right decisions for yourself and your employees by means of reliable information and its interpretation. This saves valuable resources and makes the most of your team's existing competencies. We also help you with targeted coaching and support measures to further expand the capable potential of your employees.



When should I get advice from DSC?


  •  If you want to make high-quality and fact-based decisions about the skills and potential of your employees
  • If you want to put together competent teams with high efficiency
  • If you want to promote individual employees targeted
  • If you want to filter out the right people from a pool of applicants


Why should I use the service of DSC?


Our customers have realized that they invest in reliable information throughout our service. An improperly composed team costs a lot of money and causes even more frustration, as well as choosing the right employee for the wrong post. With our service, DSC customers take advantage of the capabilities of advanced and works council compliant ACP personality profiles, and create greater transparency in a skills- and potential-oriented human resources strategy.


The cost of our service depends on the type and extent of the service and on the number of desired profiles. Please contact us and we will make you an attractive offer!