Alignment Coaching

Free yourself for what you really want to create!

In line with our guiding principles of creating a fulfilling life, David offers to support in a highly individual process of transformation. He supports on your unique journey to more freedom and success in your professional and private life in harmony with your individual needs and desires.

Multidimensional Freedom

Alignment Coaching aims to help you to create more freedom and flexibility in your professional and private life by increasing your lifestyle.

Maybe you are thinking about more flexibility in terms of space or time and would now like to optimize the technical possibilities professionally while creating more space for your personal needs.

In private 1:1 sessions you explore patterns that are not serving you in your professional and personal life and focus on the abundance that is already waiting to support you. In the coaching process, as many areas of life as possible are checked for discrepancies between your needs and how you have dealt with them so far.

During this journey of holistic growth, you arrange sessions as needed so that there is always enough space for implementation and reflection. 

Unlearn and Flow

Out of David's experience unused, stunted or diverted energy often manifests itself in dissatisfaction, illness, frustration, resentment or anger and other symptoms of an unbalanced life and its effect on the collective.

His personal vision is that as many people as possible break free to finally start doing what they feel is the right thing and thus create the greatest possible and lasting positive impact in the world.

By looking at your situation, you can already see abundance in many areas of your life. It is very important to acknowledge this with as much gratitude and as often as possible.

High Frequency

When you are simply brilliant and unbeatably good and everything flows in the right direction with ease. This does not have to be a short period of time when you are in your zone, this can become your life style that reflects on your career and your business.


David's coaching helps you to establish this self-reinforcing abundance as a way of life and to enable freedom and holistic success.


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