A-Competence Profile


As an official partner, David Sichert Consulting uses and distributes the high-performance tool of personality research, the A-Competence-Profile (ACP).

This leading analysis tool is able to present exact personality, competence and potential profiles. It is based on more than 3,000 state-of-the-art research results, which were used to develop algorithms that can accurately and forgery-proof identify individual personality characteristics in up to 150 measured values and 50 individual factors.

The path to self-knowledge usually begins with the blunt analysis of the current state. Here, ACP can ensure a surprisingly accurate result due to its highly differentiated measuring method. Depending on the level used, it is even possible to distinguish between self-assessment, the actual state, and the rapidly accessed potential. This allows each user a detailed assessment of his personality traits. At the same time, the analysis provides starting points for potential expansion, which leads to quick and measurable success through targeted coaching. Verification of response, behavioural consistencies and maximum distortions ensures a high level of protection against false results as a safety check.

Through the targeted and smart use of ACP you can give yourself, your employees or your customers great advantages and lay the foundation for successful personality, career or team development.


ACP-I: The seminar tool "Smart" for self and human knowledge in spontaneous situations such as sales, communication, leadership, negotiation, teamwork.

ACP-II: The all-round tool for personality training, coaching, personnel selection, project work, team design.

ACP-III: The coaching tool for personality training, coaching, stress management, burnout, resilience.

ACP-IV: The Career Tool for Personnel Selection, Potential Analysis, Potential Coaching, Project Group Design, Career Potential, and Assessment Centre Replacement.

ACP-V: The actual target tool for potential development, demand planning in advanced training, personnel development.


We support you and your company in choosing the right ACP product for you!