Performance Coaching

Questions & Answers


What makes the coaching with DSC special?


The combination of highly effective coaching methods, which are specifically geared towards the requirements of success-oriented people. The focus is on the complementary units Mind-Set (belief system), Skill-Set (necessary skills) and Action-Set (implementation activities). DSC coaching is based on the latest scientific findings, advanced training methods and ACP's powerful personality analysis tools. They help our clients to achieve fast, sustainable and measurable success.



Who are the DSC coaching offers aimed at?


Success-oriented people who want to extract more of their existing potential and who are ready to use their energy and commitment to permanently expand their skills. The current career level is not important. Much more important are the ambitions and the motivation to get more out of oneself combined with aiming to fully develop within the scope of one's own possibilities.

Important: Anyone who would like to put their personal development into our hands passively and wait for any progress is not one of our target groups.



Why is coaching useful?


Most successful people could only achieve their ambitious goals by working with mentors, consultants or coaches. Whether in sports, in business or politics; usually we can only realize the best performance through training and reflection with others. Professional coaching is a tried-and-true and very effective tool for promptly obtaining qualitative and quantitative convincing results. It thus serves as a short cut to sustainable, successful personal development.



How can I imagine DSC coaching?


The course of coaching depends on the customer needs and does not follow a fixed pattern. In most cases, we initially recommend an ACP Potential Analysis (Level IV), which allows a very detailed snapshot of the personality in up to 150 readings. On this basis, the customer and the coach work together on the individually selected fields of development. In addition to the profound results of the profile analysis, our clients get excess to effective exercises and methods to help them progress on a daily basis. Consistent, regular training is the best prerequisite for a steady improvement in personal development fields. Some clients check their results after a few months using repeated an ACP personality profile.


DSC offers coaching in face-to-face meetings, via video conference and by phone. The costs of coaching depend on the type and scope of the coaching. Please contact us and we will make you an attractive offer!