My passion as founder of DSC is to change things for the better and help others. I am very grateful to have already achieved many milestones in my life. Nevertheless, I am highly motivated to push myself in order to live up to my full potential in my daily activities.


I was only able to reach the current level of my work when I started implementing everything in a consistent manner, which I recommend to my customers. Namely, to exempt my mindset from limiting patterns, by analysing my competences and potentials in order to develop them and to then use them purposefully every day.


Twenty years of practical work experience in various occupations as well as scientific and business projects have kept me continually curious about peoples’ thinking and motivations for their actions. Furthermore I draw from a valuable wealth of knowledge, consisting of various mental techniques, spiritual wisdom and neuroscientific coaching-approaches that have been proven in my work.

This perspective on working with people allows me to act with a high degree of gratitude, fascination and motivation in my projects as a coach and consultant. A special added value of my work is the close and friendly cooperation with a team and network of coaches, consultants and top professionals. So I have a pool of experts at my disposal, with the help of which I can supplement and constantly improve my services as needed.

Learn more about me and how my team works and become part of this extraordinary network!


David Sichert