Practiced Versatility

David lives inspired by the idea of holistic growth and minimalist lightness. He embodies this free striving both through his lifestyle and through his work as a coach, consultant, teacher, entrepreneur or investor.

His home is where he feels comfortable. He mostly renders his services virtually, although he also appreciates face-to-face meetings at attractive locations if required.


As a coach, he draws on a wealth of experience that has enabled him to develop his open approach. This is characterized by broad knowledge of holistic, free development combined with a keen sense of the appropriate situational application.

His special art of conducting conversations allows coachees an insight into other levels of perception and observation and enables them to come to deep insights and realizations seemingly effortlessly.

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His interlinked knowledge, which is constantly expanding across sectors and industries, also allows him quick access to specific topics. This ability builds bridges and makes David a sought-after consultant in many of his projects.

Through his active involvement in various start-ups in Europe and Africa, he creates added value and supports holistic growth in his network and beyond.

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