Start-Up Consulting

His passion for new visionary ideas, for improved solutions, preferably outdated products and services, which provide better quality of life and room for holistic growth, is part of David's essence.


In various functions, he is connected to various companies, projects, networks as well as numerous up-and-coming entrepreneurs and start-ups. As a result, David is well informed and has numerous parallel streams of information about strategic, technical and personnel challenges of young companies, some of which he has accompanied since the pre-foundation phase.


With his variable communication and his strong imagination, David is an inspiring advisor who often offers new perspectives on the situation and thus enables creative solutions to problems. This makes him an important advisor for solutions and shortcuts in challenging growth phases, especially in the case of networked and complex topics.

As an empathic interlocutor, he supports teams in multi-layered negotiations or other significant formal and informal communication formats.


According to his own direction in life, the values that a start-up embodies are particularly important to David. In addition to the fair strategic orientation of the company, the individual development of each team member is a particular concern for him. Here he is concerned with both the structural framework and the individual development space as well as a sensible energy balance between all those involved.

If you would like to find out whether David's commitment could enrich your start-up or your network, please get in touch.